I Can Be Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that develops programs and host events that emphasizes the importance of literacy in our youth.  In addition, the I Can Be foundation's events spotlights child entrepreneurs by providing a platform to showcase their businesses and/or foundations. 


I Can Be seeks to empower all children through the

I Can Be Books series. These books provide early exposure to both traditional and nontraditional careers to our youth. Furthermore, a mindset that there are no limits to whom our youth can be is developed. 

To establish a literacy-rich world.


To build communities that create solutions towards ending illiteracy amongst all youth.


‚ÄčOur mission is to empower kids to be anything they want to be through our events as well as the I Can Be Books series. Our youth can identify themselves with the characters, leaving them further empowered.

As a first generation graduate, she was taught to value her education. Although, she pursued her dream job, Ms. Carter would have loved early exposure to other careers and seeks to do so via the I Can Be Books series.

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The Bumble Bee Cannot Fly
According to the law of aerodynamics the bumble bee cannot fly. It's body is too heavy for its wings, and that the simple reason why. But the bumble bee doesn't know this fact, and so it flies anyway for all to see. Remember this when you're losing faith or hope. God's proof that the impossible can be.
~A.S. Waldrop